*Orchard Party, Party, Party!

*Orchard Party, Party, Party!

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Are you all set to join your friends on the dance floor? Not if you haven't collected up all the bits and pieces you'll need. Fill up rucksacks with all the accessories you'll need for a fun time with your friends

Make your way around the board collecting fun party items for your 3D rucksack, including balloons, bubbles, cameras, and stickers. Once you have your items (and don't forget the present!) you race to the middle to join your friends on the dance floor. Watch out for dropped rucksack spaces, they can make you to lose an item!

-Ages 4 to 8
-For 2 to 4 players

-1 jigged playing board
-4 3D rucksacks
-28 picture cards
-8 character pieces
-8 character stands
-1 dice
-1 instruction leaflet