Sylvanian Blind Bag Baby Costume Series

Sylvanian Blind Bag Baby Costume Series

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These blind bags are a fun way to add to your Sylvanian Families collection. Every one of the eight collectable figures is cute and perfect for pretend play. PLEASE NOTE: We can't guarantee any specific figure for customers, the packaging is the same for all blind bags. You will receive one pack with a random figure inside when you make your purchase.

In your pack, you'll get one of any of this list, including:
Crème Chocolate in a mermaid costume
Angelica Marlow in a princess costume
Matthew Buckley in a wizard's hat
Brianna Persian in a ghost costume
Jenny Brightfield with a fairy wand
Alyssa Walnut in a pirate hat
Henry Periwinkle in a prince costume
There's also ONE secret figure to try and find
(Each sold separately)

One baby figure with their own special costume

Suitable for children aged 3 years and over