Sylvanian Blind Bag Baby Treats 5648

Sylvanian Blind Bag Baby Treats 5648

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These blind bags are a fun way to add to your Sylvanian Families collection. Every one of the eight collectable figures is cute and perfect for pretend play.

PLEASE NOTE: We can't guarantee any specific figure for customers, the packaging is the same for all blind bags. You will receive one pack with a random figure inside when you make your purchase.

In your pack, you'll get one of any of this list, including:
Marshmallow Mouse baby with Marshmallow Mouse Cake and Cake Plate
Koala baby with Koala Ice Cream
Snow Rabbit baby with Rabbit Waffle and Plate
Bear baby with Bear Doughnut and Basket
Deer baby with Deer Lollipop
Pookie Panda baby with Panda Pancake, Plate and Fork
Striped Cat baby with Cat Muffin and Mug
There's also ONE secret figure to try and find
(Each sold separately)

One baby figure with their very own treat

Suitable for children aged 3 years and over