G The Dressmaker's Daughter 500XL

G The Dressmaker's Daughter 500XL

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Stunning fabrics abound in this intricate and beautiful puzzle by Gibsons.

500 extra-large pieces

Being less wasteful

Gibsons are actively working to reduce all sorts of components of their packaging. They've already reduced the size of their puzzle boxes by at least 29% (don't worry the puzzles inside are still the same size) which reduces paper use but also reduces fuel use as they are transported. What's more, they are also actively researching ways to reduce the use of plastic both inside and outside the boxes (they already don't come with cellophane wrapping any more.

They have also implemented a heap of waste reduction and recycling policies, plus a batch of solar panels in their own offices; meaning that Gibsons are steadily becoming one of the greenest companies we deal with. We're environmentally conscious here at Fun Junction so this is a great thing to see.