Hape DJ Mix and Spin Studio

Hape DJ Mix and Spin Studio

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Now even little ones can set down a beat and spin their first tunes with this portable DJ studio! Play the keyboard with one of four instrument sounds. There are also eighteen fun sound effects.

This toy is packed with fun features but it's also a terrific way to teach musical fundamentals from a young age.
This simplified music deck can be a great way to teach small children about various different music concepts, such as tempo (which can be controlled by the tempo slider to change the speed) as well as pitch (using the keyboard to move through notes), and tone (changing instruments to see the differences in surrounding tone on each note).

In terms of additional play value, there are also a couple of extra bits of entertainment and fun to be found in the various DJ sound effects as well as the scratching effect using the spinnable record.

All round, this is a brilliant toy and even comes with letter stickers for the keyboard keys and a corresponding music book.

Made with plastic and wood and printed with soy ink.

Suitable for children aged 1 year/ 12Months and up
Takes 3 x AA, Batteries included