Jaws Board Game

Jaws Board Game

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If you play this fantastically suspenseful tabletop game from Ravensburger, you may never want to go back int he water again!

As one player takes on the role of the infamous three-ton great white and menaces the Amity island the other player(s) go on the hunt (you even get to play as Brody, Hooper or Quint).

The game itself is even broken into two thrilling phases of gameplay (like the film).

In phase/act one you find yourself on Amity Island as he shark prowls the waters; attacking swimmers and avoiding capture. The 'human' players will need to pinpoint the shark's location while also saving the tourists.

In phase/act two you are plunged into the climactic battle aboard the slowly sinking Orca. Brody, Hooper and Quint may be well-armed but that's only half the battle as they have no way of knowing where the great white will strike next!

A suspenseful and thrilling game for any fan of the iconic thriller/horror.

The game contains: One double-sided game board, a Shark mover, A Shark tracker pad, sixteen shark ability cards, sixteen resurface cards, three Crew Movers, four character boards, four boat tiles, two Boat Movers, twenty-two gear cards, sixteen Amity event cards, Three Dice, forty Tokens, and a set of instructions

Suitable for 2-4 players aged 12 years old and up