Pass the Bomb Card Game

Pass the Bomb Card Game

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This highly explosive card game from Gibsons will test players’ nerves to the limits!

Quick wit and thinking is required to find a word that begins with the letter on the card and matches the theme, such as can you think of a chocolate bar beginning with the letter F? You can feel the brain cells firing as you rapidly try to come up with a word before the ten second allowance is up. Hesitation is not allowed and the player holding the fewest cards at the end of the game is the winner.
Pass the bomb card game is a fine example of how tongue-tied panic can clear the mind instantly!

Travel sized card game based on the original popular game Pass the Bomb.

-For ages 6 to adult
-For 2 or more players
-Contains 76 theme cards, 28 letter cards, 5 red bomb cards, 1 black bomb card and rules sheet (- ticking timer not included)