Pound and Roll Tower

Pound and Roll Tower

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This is a great wee toy with a twist on the classic 'hammer and peg' style toy. Melissa and Doug have done a great job in offering children a great interactive experience which almost feels like a marble-run (but with a safety-conscious approach for early years).

Pound the four large wooden balls through the holes then watch them roll down the ramps. It's a great cause and effect activity with lots of sound and movement to keep children interested and engaged (without any need for bateries or speakers).

Melissa and Doug, as ever, pay close attention to the quality of their wooden toys. From the brightly coloured, smooth-sanded pieces to the easy to use, and sturdily built, tower, we're really impressed with this toy.

Playing with the Pound and Roll tower is a great way to develop motor skills and encourage an understanding of cause and effect.

Suitable for children aged 2 years and up