Stickabouts Height & Growth Chart

Stickabouts Height & Growth Chart

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Track how fast they grow with this beautiful nature themed height chart.

Measuring from 50 to 120 cm, this wall sticker makes a fantastic decorative piece in any room. Simply stick the main pieces on to a clean, dry wall and use the Marker Leaf to record the date and height of your child. The height chart wall sticker can be used with up to 2 children. There are also extra decorative Stickabout stickers that can be moved around and used to encourage play. All the stickers are glue free and can be removed and repositioned without leaving sticky residue behind.

-Recommended for children aged 3 to 7 years
-Height chart measures height from 50cm to 120cm tall
-Height chart measures in feet and cm
-Pack contains 81 pieces, 70+ of which are repositionable Stickabout stickers

-About Stickabouts-

Children can let their imaginations run wild and enjoy hours of fun with the Stickabouts range. Best of all for parents, you won't have the hassle of trying to remove residue that you get with conventional stickers. Being glue free makes them a perfect travel toy too, and the stickers can be wiped with water and reused as many times as your children like.

Stick them to the bath, fridge, floor, doors, bedroom furniture, or anywhere else with a smooth surface, then quickly and conveniently remove them leaving no residue. Completely reusable, Stickabouts are long lasting and provide endless play opportunities for younger children who enjoy storytelling or just decorating.