Sticky Chameleons Game

Sticky Chameleons Game

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Will you be the fastest and most precise chameleon to satisfy your voracious appetite? At meal time, a whole bunch of insects Swirl around you. Your sharp eye noticed the plumpest one who looks tastier than the others. But you are not the only one who saw it!

Equipped with your Sticky tongue, throw your best ‘tongue shot’ to catch this insect first and win a yummy token. However, be careful not to tangle your tongue with chameleons’ tongues or to get stung by a Wasp.

Game play is simple: get your tongues ready and roll the dice. Catch the correct insect whilst avoiding the wasps and getting ‘tongue tied.’ the first player to collect five victory tokens wins the game.

-Suitable for ages 6 years and up
-For 2 to 6 players