Creative Tonie Blank

Creative Tonie Blank

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Play a personally recorded story, song, or message from someone on your Toniebox*. This blank is one of a large selection of 'Tonies'; toys that play all sorts of audio when placed on top of a Toniebox (a cushioned, portable, speaker that is ideal for children aged three and up).

This is a creative Tonie and you don't have to, but it can be useful to choose a Tonie that represents the personality of the person who recorded the message.

The Blank creative Tonie is a bit different from the other Tinies. It has been left completely blank so that you can customise it in your own way. Choose your favourite colours, paint it, decorate, you could even cover it in glitter and feathers if you like!

Available Running time with this Tonie: 90 minutes

Suitable for children aged 3 years and up

*PLEASE NOTE: In order to record a message you will need the Tonie App (available free for iOS from version 9 and Android from version 4.4), as well as a Toniecloud account (easy to set up and linked to your Tonies box).

In order to play the message, you will need a Toniebox with a Wi-Fi connection and a Toniecloud account.