Tonies Disney Aladdin

Tonies Disney Aladdin

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Take off on a 'magic Tonie ride' and be whisked off to Agrabah. Listen to classic songs from the original Disney film and relive an abridged version of the story as well.

Taking inspiration from the tale told by storyteller Hanna Diab which became part of the famous collection of middle-Eastern folk tales One Thousand and One Nights/Arabian Nights. Disney's version is lighthearted and fun with catchy music.

This is one of a large selection of 'Tonies'. Tonies are toys that link to a 'Tonie box' to play stories, songs, and other audio. A fun, screen-free, source of entertainment for any child.

Running time: approximately 28 minutes

Suitable for children aged 3 years and up

PLEASE NOTE: In order to play this Tonie you will need a Toniebox and a Wi-Fi connection.