A Craft Brand in the Top 3?!

A Craft Brand in the Top 3?!

Eugy craft set sheep Fun Junction

You can probably guess the top three toys in a toy shop at any given moment. We normally can too.

We'll have some sort of 'craze' product (at the moment it's popit/pop toys). Then under that there will be other collectibles.

Things like Pokémon cards, Lego minifigures, etc. are almost always somewhere near top spot.

Basically anything in a blind bag has a chance of getting into the top three sellers in a toy shop. We're not the biggest fans of the blind-bag concept (we tend to prefer that kids can see what they're getting. However, we do make an effort to get things in if our customers want them.

A Crafty Win

Well! We were pleasantly surprised recently when we were looking through stock levels etc. and discovered that a craft brand called Eugy has gotten itself in our top three toys for the year.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to us to be honest as we've found lots of locals and (holiday makers too) coming back to the shop to buy another Eugy to add to their collection.

Eugy owl craft kit Fun Junction

Eugy kits are simple enough for a six year old to do by themselves. However, they're interesting enough to construct that even teenagers are coming in to spend wages from holiday jobs on them.

Basically you layer up printed cardboard shapes one after the other, gluing in between, to create an adorable little character. There are dozens of different designs but we've added some of our favourites to this post. You can click on any of the pictures to be taken to the 'Eugy' section on our website.

We are obviously fans of the Eugy kits ourselves but the thing we loved most about them is the fact that they've got so many people into craft kits again.

Sick of Screens

Maybe we're still a little sick of screens even all these months after lockdown (and home schooling).

Eugy turtle craft kit toy fun Junction perthshire

Maybe kids are realising that their eyes need something real to focus on as computer games give them just another screen to look at. Whatever the cause, it's genuinely lovely to hear children of all ages get excited about a craft kit

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) herself recently revealed that she's been dealing with her son developing myopia from increased screen exposure during lockdown. Maybe a bit of time away from screens is more important than we realise.

More now and even more to come

We just topped up our Eugy stock and we'll have some new designs in sometime over the next month or so. (We even have some Christmas sets in if you can bring yourself to think ahead that far ;) ).

Pop on over to our Eugy section or, even better, please feel free to pop in to either of our shops. We'll be happy to show you our selection of Eugy craft sets or anything else you would like to know more about.

All the best,

The Fun Junction Team


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