tonies soft audio book speaker system for children

Tonies are one of the best uses of technology that we've seen in a long time. They offer children a way to bring a huge number of toy characters to life.

With soft-finished protective casings that are really comfortable to hold and an easy charge system, they're ideal even for children as young as three years.

What is a 'Tonie'?

You simply place your character (your 'Tonie') on top of your Tonies box to activate their particular special play mode. They are held on magnetically (so they don't fall off easily).

The Tonies box senses each individual Tonie differently, allowing children to hear character-specific stories and songs, or even explore the world with Tonies' range of non-fiction titles.

Sturdy and comfortable, Tonies are an amazing way to bring a toy's story to life in surprising new ways.

Each Tonie toy works differently with the Tonies box but among the collection you will find audiobooks, songs, classical music, and fact packs.

A way for loved ones to be there all the time

Among the selection of Tonie figures there is also a selection of blank Tonies (called 'Creative Tonies'). These are left blank to allow loved ones to link to their own personally recorded stories, songs, and messages using a simple audio recording app.

Want Granny to read you a story? Simply pick up the Tonie Granny connected her app to and place it on the Tonies box. As soon as it connects you'll hear Granny reading stories, singing songs, or sharing whatever audio message she chose to share.