Learning Joy with Orchard Toys

Learning Joy with Orchard Toys

Orchard Toys games and puzzles at Fun Junction toy shop in Crieff and Perth

Orchard Toys have figured out the perfect blend of education and fun, proving that learning isn't boring at all. That isn't surprising, considering the fact that they've been a big part of the British toy industry for around for over 40 years!

As you can imagine, Orchard Toys are an important brand for both of our shops. Their range encompasses everything that we consider important about play.

Every Orchard game or puzzle is brilliantly accessible whilst offering challenge and interest to keep children (and families) entertained and engaged.
Over on our Facebook page we asked our customers: What is your favourite Orchard game or puzzle? So we thought we'd share a few of our own favourite Orchard games and puzzles here.


Out of this world with Rocket Game!

John (dad to two boys aged 10 and 12): Told us about the hours of fun his boys used to have with 'Rocket Game':

"'Rocket Game' was an absolute favourite in our house for years. The random chance element meant that things stayed pretty even and fair.

It's not always easy to find something that offers a bit of instant, screen-free entertainment (and family time) but any time we poured the game out the box we all knew what we were doing and could instantly get into the game. You can't really fault simple instructions and a fun play dynamic.

I would definitely recommend Rocket game for anyone with kids at pre-school age (though older kids enjoy playing too).

You basically compete to collect the most loops in your rocket trail, carefully trying to avoid picking up your rocket card too soon (your game ends when you find the rocket that matches the colour of your base). It's mostly a random chance game but with a tiny memory-match component as well."

Noisy Memories from Quack Quack (sadly no longer available)

Karen (mum of four girls, all grown up now) told us about one of heir favourites called "Quack Quack". Orchard currently doesn't make 'Quack Quack' any more but it sounds like it was a lot of fun to play.

Quack Quack discontinued orchard game no longer available

It was a memory game with a difference; you made the noise of the animals you thought were hiding on the other side of upturned cards. If you guessed the animal correctly you collected the card. It was like a grunting, squawking, neighing, version of memory pairs.

Karen had this to say: "I used to like Quack Quack, a nice noisy game. When I used to do toy parties...(something Fun Junction used to do a few years ago)...I would play it with the adults."

It sounds like 'Quack Quack' was a great ice breaker with adults as well as a fun game for kids. Orchard does occasionally re-release a discontinued game so here's hoping we see 'Quack Quack' reappear sometime in the future.

Taming down for Bedtime with 'Animal Families'

happy families using animals

Lisa (mum of three aged 10, 7 and 3), told us about how much her family enjoys 'Animal Families'; a wilder take on 'Happy Families, and part of Orchards smaller,

travel-style games. These packs are a slimmer profile than some of Orchard's other games which makes it easy to have them on hand whenever.

It sounds like Lisa found that 'Animal Families' works as a great way to settle her kids down before bed (a struggle that all parents with be all-too-familiar with). Here's what Lisa had to say.

"My older two loved 'Animal Families' it's a simple matching game until you complete the family. It's great as a before bed game as it only takes around 15 minutes. (My eldest) is a bit big now but (my second oldest) still enjoys it. We used it for years!"

Who Needs an Apple when you can have an Orchard?

During lockdown a few of us here at Fun Junction have found ourselves busy with various home-schooling or work-from-home activities. The ever-present laptops, tablets, and phones have taken their toll and a bit of time with our eyes off the screens is definitely a blessing.

If you have little ones at home a wee Orchard game (or puzzle) is a great way to ease those strained eyes and help them learn important skills. More importantly, Orchard Toys are a great way to reconnect and wind down together. Switch off the Apple products (or Android), and grab an Orchard instead!

You'll find our selection of Orchard toys products by clicking this link.

Thanks for popping by and please keep in touch with us on Facebook and over on Twitter,

All the best, the Fun Junction Team



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