What all you lovely folks were up to in May...

What all you lovely folks were up to in May...

Hello and thanks for popping by! This month looks to have been the return of Birthday parties. Since the lockdowns, it's been pretty obvious in our shops that a lot of children have been missing the chance to celebrate their birthdays with friends.

Whether parties went virtual (Grandparents, relatives, and friends on Zoom etc.), or simply shrunk down a little, there was a period of time when birthday parties were becoming a rare occasion. This trend seems to have cleared a little this May. We sold 178 cards and helped wrap 83 presents!

In celebration of Birthday parties making an apparent comeback, we had a bit of a Birthday theme running on our social media channels last week (both on our Facebook and TikTok accounts).

It's lovely to see more opportunities for time together, especially for kids. It's been a hard couple of years for us all and we can imagine that more time with people their own age (outside school) can only be a good thing for little ones.

Being loyal PAYS!

Customer loyalty card available at Fun Junction Crieff and Perth in Perthshire

In other news, it's great to see that so many of our regular customers are taking advantage of our loyalty cards. Thirty loyalty cards were cashed in this month meaning that loyal customers saved a combined total of £150 on Fun Junction purchases throughout May.

If you don't have a loyalty card already, please ask any staff member and we'll get you one in a few seconds (no forms, no personal details needed, we literally just stamp a card every time you spend £10 in either shop). You get £5 off when you fill your card.

Reducing Plastic

It's great to see so many people come prepared with bags, baskets, etc. to carry their shopping. We've had over five-thousand transactions since the start of 2022 and around four-thousand, four-hundred of you (over 86%) have chosen to not purchase a carrier bag from us.

For reference, the combined weight of 4,400 carrier bags would have been equivalent to more than two or three average adults in weight, and thanks to you that ~240kg (over 500lb) of plastic didn't go to landfill. Thank you all so much for doing your bit to help reduce plastic waste.

Sometimes we all forget and then we do have to buy a bag. It's totally understandable, and even those who needed a bag have still helped do something positive. Our bag tax goes to Perth Autism Support and so far in 2022 we've received £69 in bag tax donations! Thank you for helping us support such a great local charity.

Prepare to Party

It's genuinely lovely to see children getting to have parties again and it's just one of many welcome signs that life is returning to 'normal' after a very unusual two years.

If you need any help getting things ready for a party, whether it's having a present picked and wrapped for easy pick-up on the morning of a party, or if you need help finding some bits and pieces to put together some party bags etc. please get in touch and we'll do what we can to help.

Thanks for popping by for a read of our blog, and feel free to comment over on our social media accounts.

You can click here for our Facebook page, here for Twitter, here for our Instagram, and you can even find us on TikTok now! (though we're not doing any of the dances yet),

All the best, The Fun Junction Team


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