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All Rounder! Board Game

All Rounder! Board Game

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All Rounder is a fantastic quizzing and interactive game for all the family and any social group. It has everything you want and much, much more!

Played in 2 teams with a twist, there are 5 different categories around the board to land on that will either earn an individual player points, earn the whole team point or even give points to the other team! Getting the answers right isn't the only way to win this game. It relies on knowledge, skill and perhaps a little bit of luck. To win you need to be a good 'All Rounder'!

You decide the length of the game before you start, so it's entirely up to you whether you play a quick game, or are still sitting around the table 2 hours later. Categories include 'Do They Know', 'Nearest To', 'True or False', '6 Pointer' and 'On The Spot'.

The rules are straight forward and you can learn how to play as you go. The instructions are printed on a sheet of paper and on the inside of the box lid, so it is easy to check back if needed.

It's All Round fun, All Round banter and if you have a copy it's All Round to yours !

-For ages 10 years to adult
-For 4 to 8 players in teams

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