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Brio 33402 Expansion Pack Intermediate

Brio 33402 Expansion Pack Intermediate

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Brio's intermediate expansion pack has a host of things you often don't get in starter sets or smaller train sets.

Pieces include 2 switches, 4 long straight pieces, 2 long curved pieces, 2 short curved pieces (handy for closing a tight corner), 2 medium straight pieces, 2 short straight pieces (good for pulling track together without adding too much extra distance), what's more the set also includes two double-ended pieces that are surprisingly useful, one has two holes and the other is double pegged.

This collection makes it a lot easier to augment the sets you already have, however you also receive an instruction book in the pack telling you how to make a host of different track configurations using just the expansion pack so you don't have to add it to a pre-existing collection.

This pack is suitable for children aged 3 years and up.

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