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Children's Time Teacher Rainbow Alarm Clock

Children's Time Teacher Rainbow Alarm Clock

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EasyRead Time Teachers Alarm Clocks are the perfect addition to your child’s bedside table. The clocks have a night light and a crescendo alarm, which starts with a gentle beep and gets progressively more urgent until it is turned off. Pressing the Snooze button disables the alarm for 5 minutes and makes the clock face glow brighter, strong enough to see items on the bedside table. The built-in light sensor controls the brightness of the clock face, which glows gently all night. Best of all, the silent sweep movement means there is no annoying ticking!

The EasyRead 3-step teaching method leads your child through the process of learning to tell the time. The clear dial carries all the information children need to learn to tell the time. The simple teaching method with the ‘minutes past & to’ face could not make reading the clock face easier.

Step 1: Read the number at the end of the long hand
Step 2: Say which side the long hand is pointing to (past or to)
Step 3: Read the number at the end of the short hand

And that's it!

The rainbow numbers brighten the room, and the green and red split down the middle make identifying the 'past' and 'to' sides incredibly clear.

-Ages 4 plus
-Dimentions: 12.5 × 11.5 × 5 cm
-Battery Operated, requires 2 AA
-Silent tick
-Crescendo alarm and snooze
-Night light and built in Light sensor
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