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Zimpli Kids Colour Change Gelli Baff Ballistic Blue

Zimpli Kids Colour Change Gelli Baff Ballistic Blue

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A fantastic new, colour-changing version of Gelli Baff. Starting a brilliant 'Ballistic Blue', your thick Gelli Baff will turn to a deep, cosmic shade of 'Purple Planet' when you add the dissolving sachet. A perfect (cleanable) product for any fan of slime and goo. Gelli Baff has been approved by the British Skin Foundation. This means that Gelli Baff is 100% skin safe. Gelli Baff products are also vegan and cruelty-free so everyone can enjoy them. It will also be safe to drain away either down your bath drain or down any household drain as it has been shown to biodegrade at a similar rate to regular household wastewater (66.86% compared to 82.83% conversion to CO² over 28 days). Tests of bio-degradability were conducted by the Bio-degradation Test 'OECD 301B', which is a worldwide recognised test that determines biodegradability. Suitable for children aged 3 years and up (even adults can have a colourful bath with this one!)

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