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Galt Dino Lights

Galt Dino Lights

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A roarsome room decoration for any young paleotologist/dino fan! This kit contains everything you need to make ten origami dinosaur lights.

Simply colour in the sheets of dinosaur origami paper, then fold them into snapping heads. (It's the same folding pattern that we used back in school to make those paper 'fortune-tellers').

Once you've completed your dino face you can add stickers and body parts. With that done the final step is to use the clips to attach your dinos to the lights and create a prehistoric light show in your own room!

The box contains:

2 sheets of dinosaur body parts
10 sheets of assorted dinosaur origami paper
A String of 10 LED lights with a battery pack (with 2 x AA batteries included)
6 mini fibre pens
10 light clips
Some Sticky circles
A Sticker sheet
As well as an assembly instruction book

Suitable for children aged 7 years and up

PLEASE NOTE: Due to updates in Galt's cover art etc. this product may differ slightly from the image shown.

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