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Galt Super Marble Run

Galt Super Marble Run

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A maddening marble medley of stunts await, all packed in this box. First the basics, you'll find nine chutes, nine curves, twenty-four tubes, and six bases. On top of this you also get a batch of stunt components including 'snake pass', a rotary drop, a paddle wheel, and a roundabout. The pack also contains the things that it's all about: marbles! (eight of them).

Hours of fun for any child, as they create small, simple marble runs, and then graduate up to more complex structures. The colourful plastic pieces slot-together with ease.

Once you get started the marbles disappear inside the columns, then they'll roll down the chutes, and on to the stunt pieces. You choose what they meet next. Will it be the paddle wheel? The roundabout? You decide!

Suitable for children aged 4 years and up

PLEASE NOTE: Due to updates in Galt's cover art etc. this product may differ slightly from the image shown.
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