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Globe Runner

Globe Runner

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A classic race around-the-world game for all the family that uniquely travels through every country in the world!

Learn as you play by answering multiple choice questions on countries, capitals, flags, etc. to get a bonus go.

Adjustable to the age & abilities of the players allowing people with different levels of knowledge to play together. For example 9 year olds get two answers to choose from, adults get four answers to choose from.

Special squares allow you to use the highest mountain on every continent to catch up or encounter the hazards of crossing Antarctica, rounding the treacherous Cape Horn or getting lost in the Sahara, Amazon or Bermuda triangle!

First around the world wins!

Quick, simple, fun and a great way to learn all about the world.

-For ages 9 Years and up
-For 2 - 6 Players

A great game from Wild Card Games.
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