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Jurassic Park Danger Game

Jurassic Park Danger Game

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Take a trip to Isla Nubular and explore the majesty and DANGER to be found in Jurassic Park! As the first visitors arrive at Jurassic Park and witness its miraculous dinosaurs firsthand chaos hits Isla Nubular. The power is out, the prehistoric creatures are on the hunt, and it's up to you to get Jurassic Park back online and escape the island before you all fall prey to the prehistoric predators!!

To make things even harder one player will be in control of the T.Rex, the Dilophosaurus, and the Velociraptor. The game makes sure that these predators can plan and organise themselves just as well as the 'human' players. The predators are out and they are prowling the jungle in search of humans.

The other player(s) get to play as characters from the classic movie. The more players there are the more team members can work on a plan to escape an ambitious and incredible park gone horrifyingly wrong.

This Ravensburger game contains: nineteen island tiles (which makeup Isla Nubular), ten Character Movers, three Dinosaur Movers, eleven Player Mats, 110 x Cards, 5 x Perimeter Frames, 13 x Fences, 19x Tokens, one Die and a set of instructions

Suitable for 2-5 players aged 10 years old and up
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