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Labyrinth Board Game

Labyrinth Board Game

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Despite being a real classic this game isn't known by a lot of people. Launched in the 80s, Labyrinth has seen a host of different versions come out (there's even a Harry Potter themed edition). The game itself is simple but the pace can be quite exciting as the environment changes at the roll of a dice.

Try to collect all of your treasures within the shifting Labyrinth. Using the dice you can change your environment to suit your own purposes and clear a path to your goal. However, others can make changes too, plus there are traps and other hazards to navigate, so keep your wits about you in this brilliant game from Ravensburger.

Game Contains: A playing board, four playing pieces, thirty-four maze cards, twenty-four treasure cards, and a set of instructions

Suitable for 2-4 players aged 8 years old and up

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