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Lottie Doll Kite Flyer Finn

Lottie Doll Kite Flyer Finn

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Kite Flyer Finn was created as an alternative action figure, a small boy doll that both boys and girls could relate to and enjoy playing with.
Finn was Lottie's response to the status quo of “boys’ toys” that represented toxic masculinity (guns, weapons, warfare, violence) that left many feeling so uncomfortable.
Do boys play with dolls? Absolutely!

Lottie are an award winning range of Irish designed dolls. Based on the average proportions of a 9 year old (as opposed to an adult), Lottie is much more than a princess fashionista, encouraging children to enjoy an active unplugged childhood full of adventure. Lottie Dolls are an age relatable doll that reflect the world kids live in, and are inspired by real kids.

-Recommended for children aged 4 years and up
-Stands 18cm tall
-Hard bodied, ball jointed doll with bendable knees, easy to pose for imaginative play
-Can stand on his own two feet

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