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NeeDoh Classic

NeeDoh Classic

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Schylling’s classic NeeDoh is the retro stress ball and fidget toy that started it all!

NeeDoh is made from a non-toxic, dough-like material that always bounces back to its original shape. It can be squished, squashed, pulled and smushed. A groovy glob that's ideal for on the go fidget toy fun or as an anxiety reliever.

NeeDoh further helps children to focus and pay attention - the squashable material is ideal for little fingers to play with. Perfect for safe, stretchy fun - a great Nee Doh Stress Ball. 

-Suitable from 3 years
-Approx. 6cm diameter
-Comes in blue, green, orange, pink and purple (availability of specific colours vary)
-Colours vary and are chosen at random
-Made from a non-toxic, dough-like material

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