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Tantrix Game

Tantrix Game

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The world's most twisted strategy game!
This game pack contains tiles and instructions for 5 different styles of play, making this the perfect adaptable game for anyone in any situation.

>Tantrix the Game (2-4 Players)<
The world's most twisted strategy game challenges players to form the longest line or loop. The rules may be simple but tactics can be subtle and complex.

>Tantrix Gobble (1-6 Players)<
Disorderly conduct is what counts in Tantrix Gobble! A fast-paced interactive game perfect for all the family.

>Discovery Puzzles (28 Puzzles)<
These addictive and challenging puzzles will stop send you round the twist. Adding just one more tile to the loop isn't as easy as you think!

>Rainbow Puzzles (5 Puzzles)<
The 56 tiles can be split into five colour-coded puzzles; ideal for brain training.

>Tantrix Solitaire (1 Player)<
Solve the puzzle using 14 tiles, plenty of skill and a little bit of luck.

-Game pack contains 56 tiles, illustrated guide book and travel bag
-For Ages 6 years to adult
-1 to 6 Players

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