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Toniebox Starter Set Light Blue

Toniebox Starter Set Light Blue

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Do you know a wee one who spends a little too much time on screens? It can be hard to find ways to entertain them and sometimes more traditional activities don't hold their attention for as long. We've had similar struggles with our own kids and we know how real the struggle can be.

Thankfully Tonies offer a way to bridge the gap between traditional toys and technology in a way that preserves the imaginative element of play. There's no screen to draw the eyes away from the world and the associated 'Tonies' toys can be used as traditional physical toys when not connected to your Toniebox.

The way they work is pretty simple; place a 'Tonie' on the magnetic sensor on the top of your Toniebox to hear something very special. In an almost imperceptible amount of time the box connects to the Tonies server via WiFi and triggers the story, music, or other audio activity associated with that particular Tonie. 'Tonies' are amazing little toys that hold a wealth of audio activities.

There's hardly anything you need to do to get your Toniebox working. Simply connect it to your WiFi, following the simple instructions provided and it will do the rest automatically. Your child can then enjoy interacting with any of the dozens of unique Tonies toys. Toys are available to play stories and songs from characters from the worlds of Julia Donaldson, Disney, 'In the Night Garden' and many more.

Among the selection of Tonie figures, there is also a selection of blank Tonies (called 'Creative Tonies'). These are left blank to allow loved ones to link to their own personally recorded stories, songs, and messages using a simple audio recording app.

Want Granny to read you a story? Simply pick up the Tonie Granny connected her app to and place it on the Toniebox. As soon as it connects you'll hear Granny reading stories, singing songs, or sharing whatever audio message she chooses to share.

Running times vary, you will need a Tonie toy to activate your Toniebox

In this Starter Pack:
-A Toniebox in Light Blue
-A Creative-Tonie in Light Blue with room for 90 minutes, so you can upload your MP3s, audiobooks or even narrate your own stories.
-An easy to use Charging station dock (simply pop the Toniebox on top to charge)
-As well as an easy-to-understand instruction manual.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a WiFi connection for your Toniebox to work.

Suitable for children aged 3 years and up

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