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WOW Dustin Dump Truck

WOW Dustin Dump Truck

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An incredible help on any building site Dustin Dump Truck's automated dumping action can be used to transport whatever you like to another spot then dump it out. Simply twist the dial to set his dumping feature in motion. Dustin also has a friction-powered motor so he'll trundle along happily with a bit of a push (and no need for batteries).

(Please note: Dustin bears a striking resemblance to a playset WOW used to produce called 'Dudley Dump Truck' which came with a few barriers etc. In many ways they are similar but this set lacks the barrier accessories. WOW no longer make the Dudley set but Dustin does everything Dudley did, he just doesn't have barriers and cones with him.)

Includes: Dustin the tipping-action dump truck, and one construction driver Play Friend.

This great wee toy is suitable for children aged 1 year and up (though children as old as 5 or 6 will still enjoy playing with it)

WOW toys are a fantastic BATTERY FREE range of toys which use push-along friction motors and similar mechanisms to create movement and sound. Just as much fun as a battery-powered toy but without the hassle of changing batteries.

The focus of WOW toys is always on the pretend aspect and the range means that with just a few WOW toys you can have your own wee world to play in. WOW have been a favourite toy at Fun Junction for years, we hope you enjoy their toys as much as we do.

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